Naphthalan foot cream “Losterin”, 75 ml

Naphtalan Losterin foot cream

The main active components:

  • Naphthalan, resin-free (1.5%)
  • Urea (20%)
  • D-panthenol (2%)
  • Triclosan (0.1%)
  • Almond oil (10%)
  • Vitamin A (0.2)
  • Vitamin E (0.2)
  • Natural plant extracts (1.15)

“Losterin” naphthalan foot cream is specially developed for daily feet skin care.

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  • Coarse, dry feet skin
  • Damaged skin of the feet, cracks and long-term healing erosion
  • Itching, exfoliation of feet skin
  • Dry calluses
  • Plantar callosity
  • Plantar psoriasis
  • Increased sweating and appearance of unpleasant odor
  • Fungal skin lesions of the feet (along with basic therapy)

“Losterin” foot cream softens the keratinized areas and promotes effective removal of skin layers. It moisturizes, nourishes and cleanses the skin of the feet, eliminates exfoliation, soothes irritated skin. It has a significant antibacterial, antifungal and anti-inflammatory effect, helps to restore damaged skin (cracks, wounds, erosions), regulates sweating, prevents the appearance of unpleasant odor and the occurrence of itching between the fingers.

Does not contain hormones, coloring agents and fragrances.

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Main active components:

  • Naphtalan rasin-free (3%)
  • Zinc oxide (25%)

Zinc-­naphthalan paste “Losterin” is a combined non-hormonal medication, intended for an external use in case of exacerbation of various skin diseases accompanying by oozing.

Naphthalan shampoo “Losterin” is especially developed for daily care for dry, sensitive, irritated scalp and hair.

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Naphtalan classic cream “Losterin” has a significant anti-inflammatory, untipruritic, exfoliating and anti-microbial action, promotes the regeneration of affected skin.

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Naphthalan shower gel “Losterin” is a non-hormonal medication, especially developed for daily care for dry, sensitive, irritated skin.

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