Personal data confidentiality policy

1. General terms.

1.1. Present personal data confidentiality policy (from hereon – Policy) is applied towards all personal data which LLC “Bestwood Pharma” (from hereon – Company) may receive from a user (a person filling out feedback form, and using other services of the official website) and (from hereon – Site), including as follows: sending feedback or requests, ordering of the products, participating in advertisement and marketing campaigns or actions and/or any other interaction (from hereon – Services).

1.2. By filling out feedback form and clicking “Agree” button at the page, where the feedback form is located, and by indicating the personal data while using other Site services, the user expresses consent with a present Policy and conditions of collections and processing of personal data, indicated in it. Users agreement for submission, processing and disclosure of personal data by the Company, in accordance with its policy, shall be considered as full and unconditional.

1.3. Site visitors should restrain from filling out the form and/or using any services of the Site in case of their discontent (partial or full) with the Policy and their discontent to provide their personal data.

1.4. Consent, expressed by the user includes such for collection, systematization, storage, clarification (renewal, change), usage, passing of data within the Company or to the services provider obliged to follow the terms of agreement on personal data protection, with a goal of mailing information materials or with advertisement purposes, cross-border data transmission, blocking, depersonalization and destruction of personal data.

1.5. Consent, expressed by the user involves the following personal data: surname, name and middle name, email address, postal address for orders delivery, contact phone number, payment details.

1.6. The consent time validity is unlimited, however the user is at a right to revoke it at any time by a written notification, emailed to: with a comment “personal data processing consent revoke”.

1.7. For a particular Services, offered by the Company, the Company may publish additional regulations to present Policy.

2. Users personal data, received and processed by the Company.

2.1. In the frames of the present Policy, the users personal data are as follows:

2.1.1. Personal data, independently submitted by the user while filling out feedback form on the Site, while using other Site services, during registration (creating a personal account) on the Site or while using Services, offered by the Company. According information is clearly defined and includes the following: surname, name and middle name, email address, postal address for orders delivery, contact phone number, payment details. Any other information may be provided by the users upon their desire to do so.

2.1.2. Any other information about users, collection and/or providing of which was defined by the Company in order to provide certain separate Services, which is clearly indicated during the process of ordering certain Services.

2.2. The Company trusts for the users to provide accurate personal information.

2.3. The Company trusts for the users to be able to provide accurate personal information.

3. Google Analytics.

3.1. The “Google Analytics” tool is being used to collect information regarding Site usage, such as the frequency of visits by the users, visited pages and sites, which users visited prior to linking to our Site. Google Analytics collects only IP-addresses, assigned to you at a day of your visit to the Site, but not the name or any other identification data.

3.2. Google Analytics locates a stable cookie-file in your web-browser for your identification as a unique user for your next visit of this Site. This cookie-file may not be used by anyone, except for Google, Inc. The data, collected with a help of cookie-file shall be transmitted to Google and shall be stored on corporate servers in USA.

3.3. We use data, received via Google Analytics with the only purpose – to improve Site services. We do not unite the data received via Google Analytics with personal data.

3.4. Abilities of Google in regards of usage of data, collected by Google Analytics tool regarding your visit of the present Site and its disclosure to the third parties, are limited to Google confidentiality policy. You may prevent Google Analytics to identify you upond your return visits to the present Website by switching off Google Analytics cookie files in your browser, or you may also Disable Google Analytics.

4. Processing of users personal data purpose.

4.1. Company processes only the personal data, required to provide Services and improve its quality.

4.2. Company may use users personal data for the following:

4.2.1. Identification of party in the frame of Services provided.

4.2.2. Offering personalized services to users.

4.2.3. Services quality improvement and development of new ones.

4.2.4. Statistical analysis and other studies, based on depersonalized data.

5. Submission of personal data to the third parties.

5.1. All users personal data are kept confidential, except for the cases of personal data processing, access of unlimited number of individuals to which had been provided by the user, or upon user’s request.

5.2. Company may submit users personal information in the following cases:

5.2.1. User has expressed his consent for such actions.

5.2.2. Data submission is required for achievement of goals, performance and provision of functions, responsibilities and obligations, assigned to the Company by the Russian Federation legislation system.

6. Measures used for users personal data protection.

6.1. Company takes all the necessary and sufficient measures to protect users personal data from unauthorized or accidental access, destructions, changes, blocking, copying and other illegal actions by the third party in regards to users personal data.

7. Users rights and obligations.

7.1. Company takes all reasonable measures to maintain the accuracy and relevancy of personal data in Company’s possession, and to delete all outdated, inaccurate and unrequired personal data. However, the users carry responsibility for submission of accurate data, and for data update or replacement if any changes occur.

7.2. User may at any time change (update, add, block, destroy) submitted personal data in full or partially, as well as its confidentiality setting by contacting the Company.

7.2.1. User may at any time to revoke his consent for personal data processing by the Company by sending a written notification to with a comment «personal data processing consent revoke”. User’s revoke of consent for personal data processing leads to deleting of user’s personal account from the Site, as well as deleting all posts, containing personal data from Company’s personal data processing system.

7.3. Users have a right to receive information regarding processing of their personal data by the Company.

7.4. In order to perform closure 6.2 and 6.3 of the present Policy, Company may request users to identity authentication in any form, which does not contravene legislative system.

8. Feedback. Enquires and suggestions.

Company asks to email all suggestions or enquires regarding the present Policy to

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