Almond oil

Not many know, that an almost is a nut, and it is a seed of an almond pit. Compared to the other pits, almond contains more oil (about 62%).

Almond oil is received from the seeds of bitter and sweet almonds, however the oil of the first type is used in cooking purposes and is added to food, and the oil, received from the second type of almond is only used for a making cosmetic products.

Almond oil

At a final processing stage almond oil is a liquid with no scent, and with a shade of yellow. The oil consists of tocopherol, polysaturated fatty acids, amygdalin and other useful components, which have a positive effect on hair and skin, since they contain vitamins F, A, E and vitamins of B group.

Due to its composition, almond oil has the following properties:

  • moisturizes,
  • rejuvenates,
  • calms,
  • nourishes,
  • fights imflamations,
  • promotes skin regeneration.

Daily use of almond oil helps to slow down aging and fading of skin, protects from UV radiation. Oil’s healing properties calm inflamed and irritated skin, minimize pores and regulate sebaceous glands secretion.

Almond oil is good for prevention and elimination of exfoliation, dryness, dandruff, plasticity and elasticity of skin.

Almond oil is effective for the treatment of vascularity spots, herpes, damaged skin and micro-wounds, helps in the treatment of burns and may be very useful for the patiences with psoriasis, ezema, dermatitis, since it accelerates skin healing.

Except for face and body skin care, it is often used in pharmaceutical and perfumery products. It is used as a base for creation of soothing and anti-inflammatory pastes and creams. Almond oil is an all-purpose product used for treatment and prevention of skin diseases and has no counterindication. Should not be used only by people with an individual intolerance of this product.

Contains almond oil

Losterin line


A line of specialized medications Losterin developed by dermatologists for daily skin care in a complex therapy for chronic diseases (psoriasis, eczema, neurodermatitis, atopic eczema). Medications of the Losterin line contain a balanced combination of active substances.

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